My thoughts on PR Daily’s 6 things young Pr Pros should know



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When scouring the internet for awesome material for my blog post I ran across an article stating the 6 main things PR pros should know to land a job. It was written by the PR Daily, posted on October 2012. This intrigued me because I am always looking for what people either define as PR or think our main role is. Everyone has an interesting point of view or definition to what they think PR may be. In this blog I wanted to point out what they thought and my opinion of it.


  1. Understand that PR is more than press releases and parties …..My Thoughts: This is true ,the biggest thing I have found through my experience is that it is a majority of research and advising.


  1. Perfect your first pitch ….My thoughts: True again, a pitch can make or break a campaign or partnership so you always want to be on point with this.


  1. Plan ahead ….  My thoughts: Duh, The most important thing a PR professional can be is prepared and planning ahead is a key step to making sure you have everything under control.


  1. Research,Research, Research….My thoughts: Obvious as well,as I mentioned before research all ties back into planning ahead and being prepared. Research gives PR professionals the knowledge to be confident in what they are delivering to each client.


  1. Volunteer for more experience……My thoughts: This ties into something we talked about in class recently about interning with a company if you have the opportunity. Many PR hopeful think they know how the real field works like by the info they study. NOPE, you will never really know what its like until you go out there and try it yourself. Hands on experience will give you the confidence you need to succeed.


  1. Find a mentor………My thoughts: Agreed! Finding a mentor was the best thing I ever did to make sure every question I had was never left unanswered. Someone wise can help give you the push you need to go after what you really want!

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