The Evolution of PR

Sarah Badran

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The Evolution of PR

Public Relations is a constantly evolving field which makes it exciting and frustrating at the same time. It definitely has a different definition than what I initially saw it as. I’m not going to lie I had somewhat of the same impression as most do learning about PR around my age. I had the Samantha Jones, party all night, smooze with celebrities’ impression. Once I actually started to get some actual experience I found out I was drastically wrong. Even in the few years I have been practicing it seems that it still constantly changes and there’s different meaning of what PR is and more actual duties and responsibilities one takes on.

In a blog by group they created a great chart that maps out what traditional PR looks like compared to modern PR. I really like the table they created and wanted to share it in this blog.

Traditional PR vs Modern PR

Traditional PR involves public speeches  vs   Modern PR involves you tube videos and twitter statements

Traditional PR used printed pamphlets   vs  Modern PR social media rules all

Traditional PR values word of mouth        vs  Modern PR which depends on blogger outreach

Traditional PR used mail –in contests      vs  Modern PR which has online giveaways

Traditional PR uses newsletters                 vs Modern PR which uses websites to convey messages


I really enjoyed how they laid that out and it really put it into perspective how much times have changed just in a short period of time. Another interesting point they put in the article was mapping out the evolution of PR within time. Here is an interesting timeline on the advancements of PR throughout the ages.


2,200 BC Pthah-hotep,an advisor to ancient Egypt pharaohs wrote they needed to communicate with the people

50 BC – Julius Ceasar ordered the posting of the Acta Diurna, regarded as the first public newsletter

1776- Common Sense by Thomas Paine presented an argument for independence, Over 1500 pamphlets were printed out leading to the Deceleration of Independence

1820 – “Public Relations” becomes a career when Amos Kendall works as Andre Jackson’s press secretary.

1955- The Marlboro Man goes national, transforming the Burnett and Philip Morris advertising Campaign

1991- The World Wide Web become public

1996- First web based email format is created

1999- Blogger is created

2006- Twitter is created

2007- I Phone is invented, PR agents gear up for new trends in mobile media

PR is always changing. So is media. So is everything. (



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