The Demand of PR Jobs and Skills

Sarah Badran

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PR Communication

The Demand of PR Jobs and Skills

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I read in a recent article somewhere that PR professionals will be seeing a 25% increase in demand for jobs over the next 10 years. This makes me even more excited to know that I picked the right profession to be in. This made me want to dive into this subject more about why PR professionals are in such demand now.

PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) recently posted an article as well stating that they found through recruiters they surveyed in the field that the PR job market is improving. It seems that Job prospects for PR professionals are improving as company leaders become more confident about their budgets and financial prospects.

One quote from the article that made a really good comparison to what the mentality of the market is like stated:

“I would liken the current communications job market to a patient who’s just gotten out of rehab — the crisis is over but we’re very much still in recovery,” says Don Spetner, executive vice president of corporate affairs at Korn/Ferry International, which is the world’s largest executive recruiting firm.

“Corporations are generally healthy, but still cautious about hiring too fast, given the global economic uncertainty and the election year. We’re seeing a lot of baby steps with job growth instead of confident strides forward.” ( recently ranked PR jobs as the number 85 in the best jobs of 2014. Their advice on the skills needed to survive in this career consisted of very special attributes that only a certain type meant for these type of positions possess.

“A public relations specialist job requires writing skills, critical thinking ability, fast turnaround, patience, a thick-skin mentality and creativity,” says Corbett, who adds that you should be able to demonstrate real accomplishments in the field and have broad networks. And wallflowers need not apply – public relations specialists must have an outgoing, self-confident and friendly personality.”

I liked all the skills they mentioned because I completely agree with that statement and why those are becoming skills that companies are starting to respect as skills.

The good news is that organizations are recognizing public relations’ value, heightening the demand for skilled communicators. In fact, 93 percent of business leaders believe that public relations is just as important to their companies as other forms of communication, including advertising and marketing, according to a survey that  the MWW Group released this past December. (

“Public relations has finally come into its own,” says Dennis Spring, president of New York-based Spring Associates, which specializes in recruiting PR professionals. “People are getting a much clearer sense of what public relations does. The more they’re exposed to it, the bigger it will grow.” (

As PR professionals I believe it will be our duty to keep making people understand its importance and from there it will continue to grow and will most likely become more valuable which hopefully results in a bigger salary across the board.



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